Interview with Tristia Kayser

It is great to meet you. This is exciting to part of this class. Please see attached my bio which gives you a little more info on who I am in page 1 and a list of my services on page 2.

and I am a student at Union County College pursuing my associate degree in Communications. This semester, I will be working on a selection of Public Relations projects with you as part of my course requirements for “The Principles & Practice of Public Relations.”  I would love to begin by learning more about you, your organization, your role within it, and what you hope to achieve through our partnership. 

A few of the initial questions I have are:

1.) Does your business or organization’s product or mission?

  • We are a financial Advisory firm with a focus on Insurance. We offer products & services for both business & personal.  Our mission is to provide financial education to those who need it the most… Small Business owners, Women & minorities.  The name of the organization is that “Shanti” which mean Peace. Money should give you peace not be the source of stress ( it is usually one of the top stressors for most American’s & one of the leading causes for divorce). It should work as hard for you as you work for it.

2.) Who are your main competitors (if any)?   Is there anything unique to your or your organizations’ services in comparison to your competitors? There are lot of other financial advisory firms out there but we are unique for the following purposes:

  • We are all female holistic firm that is designed to provide advice for all those that seek it. Most advisors are looking for wealthy clients. Who we are happy to serve them but your bank account & income doesn’t dictate your worth at firm. We are truly here to help those that need assistance with managing debt, living within their budget & not living pay check to pay check like so many American do.  
  • We have a unique financial coaching program where we are helping everyday “Joe” get to the next level in their financial journey. Please see attached more info on our coaching program.

3.) Who is your primary audience and why? Would you like to change or expand your audience to include others? 

  • My Primary audience is Small Business owners, Women & minorities because the segment of the population that needs it financial literacy the most
  • Yes are open to looking for helping everyone that needs our help.   

4.) Which social media platforms do you currently use? How frequently do you post? 

  • Mostly Facebook, Linked in. I have  Twitter but I don’t really use it.  See icon link below my signature.
  • I post 1x a week.

5.) Do you have any upcoming events or initiatives that might be highlighted in a news release, blog post, etc.? If not, would it be something you might like to explore? 

  • Yes we have women’s education seminar coming up in April. We are working on details. I will send you that info as soon as I receive it. We did something similar in Jan. See attached. I also plan to speak to YWCA, women who successfully left domestic violent situations and going back in to the work force. We are doing a presentation to them about financial basics.
  • Please see attached Press release that AFE created for us. We are doing free financial workshops for employees  that work at CASA & Ronpak. We are working on dates for those workshops.
  • I would love to do a press Release on becoming an MDRT member in 2021 –
  • Please see attached my market monthly newsletter. We do these once a month but I am not sure where to share them besides to clients.

6.) What brought you to your profession or current role? 

  • My parents came to this country as immigrants & worked hard for their minimum wage salaries. In less than 10 years, they saved enough to buy a home & a business.  My parents will always be the embodiment of the “American Dream” in my eyes. When I was 19, our American Dreams turned into Nightmare. My father passed away of a massive heart attack at age 51. We lost our home, we lost our family business, EVERYTHING! I grew up watching them leave for their business 6:00 AM and they would return home at 11:00 pm. When I looked at my parents bank account who worked so hard, I realized that I had more money in my bank account as a college student than they had in their bank account.  When, we my father,  my mom and I lost everything. Fortunately, I graduated college instead of leaving to take care of  family business and or my mom. This is what motivates me to wake up every day and keep going so people don’t have to go thru what we went thru. In my previous real estate career, when client who made $50K were coming to me to buy $500K homes (this was in 2005- 2008), I realized that people don’t understand money. I tried to explain to people that the #s don’t work but they insisted that the banks disagree with my numbers if didn’t help them, some one else will so I left and started teaching people about money.

6.) Is there anything else you would like to add?  Do you have any questions for me?

  • No questions at this time but I would love to do a call to connect when your schedule allows for it.